Posted on 3rd of May, 2021

Co-Liv Summit 2021: Laying down the foundations for the future of coliving

Over the past years, the concept of shared living spaces has gained ground in the housing market bringing more attention to Coliving. This has captured the attention of entrepreneurs and professionals around the world who are contributing to the evolution of coliving through new technology and innovations.

This week, from May 5th to 6th, Co-Liv presents the Co-Liv Summit 2021, a global conference bringing together the worldwide community of coliving professionals to exchange, learn, and connect around the latest trends in the industry. This virtual event will give viewers the opportunity to understand the depth of the coliving industry and stay up to date in conversation with thought leaders.

The Co-Liv Summit

The virtual Co-Liv Summit 2021 will be the biggest coliving event to date, live-streamed from Paris. The schedule gives an overview of the line-up of speakers, panel discussions, virtual learning exhibitions, and much more. The speakers are each chosen based on the level of thought leadership and impact that they can spark within the participants.

The talks and workshop topics are carefully chosen based on the current industry needs, such as coliving business models, the importance of human connection, and the future of technology in the coliving industry.

The Coliving Awards Ceremony

The Summit will end with the first award ceremony dedicated to highlighting key innovators, actors, and ideas that are shaping the coliving industry, the Coliving Awards ceremony. We, at SALTO KS, are very happy to announce that Christian Schmitz, Global Lead Shared living and workspaces of SALTO Systems will be one of the jury members.

Since this will be Christian’s first experience as a jury member, we were curious about his thoughts on the event and what this role means to him. Read ahead for his thoughts and what you can expect from the summit!

The Co-Liv Summit has a lot to offer, including talks from industry panellists, expert workshops, a virtual learning exhibition, and so much more. What are you looking forward to the most?

Yes! The Co-Liv Summit Is bound to be a super event. The team at Co-Liv has worked very hard for the past few months to pull it all together and I trust that we won’t be disappointed.

As a Head of Tech at Co-Liv, I must admit, I am looking forward to the launch of the Tech Community.

The Tech community was created because we wanted to bring together tech application providers to unlock the potential of technology within the coliving industry and to discuss opportunities for day-to-day usage with the entire ecosystem that provides or uses it. There will be a few panels and dedicated moments during the summit for the Tech community and Co-Liv Tech partners and the possibility for the wider ecosystem to listen in to what we are doing and what we have planned, to be involved with our initiatives, and also to network and connect “live” during the course of these two days.

As the Co-Liv summit website states, coliving is becoming more mainstream. However, there are still some major roadblocks to this. What significance does this event have for the coliving sector?

Bringing the whole ecosystem together will empower the movement further. Small and big players will feel more connected and part of something bigger than just the word coliving. Once more technology will bring us closer despite geographic distance and will allow all of us to share, to grow, to learn, and to feel more empowered.

When people sit at the same table and share food, they also share an experience and it creates a bond. I believe that when you are together and you share information, doubts, fears, successes, and more, very strong bonds are created and this will remove many of the current roadblocks in the coliving movement.

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I believe that when you are together and you share information, doubts, fears, successes, and more, very strong bonds are created and this will remove many of the current roadblocks in the coliving movement.
Christian Schmitz Sales & Business Development Manager at SALTO Systems and Head of Tech at Co-Liv

As we continue to live in a pandemic, the Co-Liv summit too will be held online. Co-Liv mentioned that they “want to create an event like no other.” How do you think this will be different from other virtual events?

In the past 12 months, we have all been swamped by many many online meetings, webinars, summits, events, concerts, etc. The strength of the team at Co-Liv is that they always manage to keep each event fresh, interactive, funky and fun, by still delivering pretty awesome content. I think their secret is that they actually truly enjoy doing it and this comes across clearly during the events. From what I am aware, the Summit will be a mixture of inspirational talks (TED talk style), workshops, panels, and many networking sessions (that the Co-Liv team does super well). Let’s also not forget that there will be the first edition of the Coliving Awards and that the summit will close with an after-party and DJ set.

This year the Co-Liv Summit will host the very first edition of the Coliving Awards, and you have been appointed as a jury member. Will this be your first time in this kind of role? What made you want to be part of this event?

Yes! This will be my first time being a judge and it made me flattered to the extent that I took the decision to not submit our own tech application with SALTO Systems. I was extremely pleased when I was asked to be one of the Lead Judges at the Coliving Awards. I strongly believe that this ceremony couldn’t come at a better time. Coliving as an industry is really exploding and it is very important for operators and everybody in the wider ecosystem to be given the possibility to be recognized and celebrated.

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There are people, companies, and organizations that are truly shaping the way we live right now and how we will live in the future and I strongly believe they deserve recognition for being inspirational to the wider public.
Christian Schmitz Sales & Business Development Manager at SALTO Systems and Head of Tech at Co-Liv

As the Lead Judge of the Proptech and Contech category, what are you most looking forward to, and what criteria, in particular, will you prioritize?

I have been looking forward to reading through the application and learning more about the applicants, their offerings, and getting to know who the people behind the technology are. Often people forget that tech can be (and is!) also human and that, after all, humans are the ones creating it and operating it.

Looking at my scoring matrix, what I wanted to achieve was to compare features and tech infrastructures that are created out of our experience needed for the coliving of today and tomorrow.

I am also looking forward to spotting the person/company who is already making the difference and to start foreseeing what the future has in store for them.

Co-Liv Summit schedule for the morning of May 5th, 2021

Thank you Christian for sharing your thoughts with us, we can’t wait to see you at the event! To get in touch with Christian you can connect with him on Linkedin.

Alexander Rosdorff, Global Technology Partner & Integrations Lead at SALTO will also be representing us at the Summit at the event ‘Deep dive into the coliving tech ecosystem’. Along with three other experts including our integration partner Eagle Eye Networks, Alexander will walk attendees through the potential for smart technology to contribute to coliving communities. Don’t miss the event on May 5th at 11 am.

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This event is a great opportunity to learn about the often overlooked aspects of technology in coliving which we will bring to light, integrations being a vital part of this. Choosing the right integrations is essential to create a thriving community and I look forward to diving into this at the Summit.
Alexander Rosdorff Global Technology Partner & Integrations Lead at SALTO Systems

If you want to find out more details about the event, the speakers, and the Coliving Awards, click here or follow the hashtag #colivsummit. Make sure to get your tickets for the Co-Liv summit 2021 here. For any questions regarding ticketing, sponsorships and group prices, please contact for more information.

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