Posted on 16th of March, 2021

Explore the new SALTO KS app release (iOS version 6.1.2 & Android version 6.1.2)

At SALTO KS, we strive to improve your experience with our iOS, and Android apps. The following blog post will walk you through our latest developments in achieving this. 

We value your feedback on our solution. This is why we have been working on new features to enhance your user experience, including a comprehensive Settings page, extensive options to ‘Edit Your Profile’ and other improvements to Key settings, Lock and IQ options. 

This week, the new versions of the SALTO KS Mobile App will be available in stores for iOS and Android versions.

Below you can find an overview of improvements and fixes within the iOS and Android apps, respectively:

1. Settings page

Now, you can find all the settings related actions (Tag settings, Lock options, and IQ settings and options) under the Settings Page. This makes for a more holistic view and way of managing settings in your app. 

2. Edit Profile

By clicking on the profile details, the user is guided for the required actions to edit details like Alias, Profile Picture, User Role, Tag, phone number and email address.

3. Key settings (Tag)

The new updates allow you to Block, Replace or unassign a user's Tag and manage its Offline access settings.

4. Lock options

Under Lock options, you can change settings for Remote opening, Easy office mode, Manual office mode and Override Privacy Mode permissions of a user.

5. IQ options

All the IQ-related settings and options are grouped under the Settings tab, where you can Configure a new IQ, Generate a code from an IQ, or Change or remove PIN of an IQ.

Summary of what’s new in iOS and Android version 6.1.2

Features and Improvements: (*same for both apps)

The Settings tab has been created with information about:

  • The logged-in user, in the header of the page. (First name, Last name, Alias, Email, Role, Part of Pod, and Phone). The user can edit his/her profile.

  • Key settings (Including Digital Key, Tag, and PIN).

  • Lock options (Remote opening, Easy office mode, Manual office mode).

  • IQ settings (Configure new IQ, Generate code, Change or remove PIN of an IQ).

  • App settings (Enable fingerprint scan, Allow push notifications).

  • About Section (About Digital Key widget, About SALTO Systems, SALTO legal section, Help & support, and Log out).

Bug fixes for iOS version 6.1.2

  • Fix for the switching sites issue, where the previous site’s incidents are still shown on the new one. Now the customer lands on the Locks screen when they switch sites. 

  • Fix for the status spinner getting stuck when changing sites on the Site switch screen. 

  • Fix for the issue where the Digital Key widget and push notifications stop working after logout and login. 

  • Fix for the incorrect state of an IQ when the activation process is complete.

  • Fix for the user profile page where first name, last name, and email address fields are still editable even after the user completed the registration. 

Bug fixes for Android version 6.1.2

  • Fix for the missing separation line in IQ settings and options.

  • Fix for the issue where the calls coming from Comelit intercom cannot be answered while the app is running. 

  • Fix for being unable to delete a Pod guest from a Site. 

  • Fix for the image shown when a user does not have an entry to show on the user detail page. 

We value your opinion. Contact us if you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the above updates or visit this page for FAQs; we are happy to help!

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