Posted on 12th of January, 2021

Introducing Access Group Insights

Today we are welcoming a new functionality within the KS web application: Access Group Insights. This brand new functionality allows admins to have a clear overview of all the Access Groups a user belongs to. This information can be found on the People page.

What does this mean?

As a SALTO KS admin, you are in charge of the users. Which designated spaces they have access to and which they don’t. To make your lives easier, the new functionality allows you to quickly see in which Access Groups a user is added to. Additionally, you can add the user to more or other Access Groups or remove them from certain Access Groups.

What is an Access Group?

A little reminder: an Access Group is a group of users who have access to specific spaces. This feature comes in handy when you, for instance, want to block a whole group in one go, set up a particular timeframe (maybe you only wish for the cleaners to come in between 6:00 and 8:00 PM) or remove them entirely.

Where to find these insights?

The Access Group Insights, where you can view in which Access Group a user sits, can be found on the user detail page (the designated profile page of the user).

How to navigate

On the side menu on the left of your screen, you can see the ‘Access Groups’ tab at the bottom. When you click the ‘Access Groups’ tab, you can view the name of the Access Group the user is in. Details of that Access Group, such as how many users (hover over for the users’ names) are in the group, how many Locks the group holds and which timeframe the group has been given are also visible.

Additionally, you can remove the user from the Access Group by clicking the red ‘Remove’ link next to the Access Groups timeframe on the right. When you want to add the user to another Access Group, simply press the blue +ACCESS GROUP link. The user will be added to the group, which will be visible on this page when you refresh.

The team behind the SALTO KS app is working around the clock to make our products as user friendly as possible. We hope that we are one step closer to an even better user experience with this new functionality.

If you still have questions, we would like to refer you to our support pages where we have stored Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to provide feedback while you’re there.

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