Posted on 11th of March, 2021

Remote work and the current coliving landscape in Portugal

The concept of coliving is gaining ground in Portugal, with Lisbon and Porto among the 40 most desirable European cities for coliving projects. According to CBRE, around 3,000 purpose-built units are planned and could enter the market in the next 18 months, a strong pipeline that stems from “the collaboration between Portuguese investors and developers, and international operators.

Coliving is increasingly presenting itself as one of the potential exploration strategies for this market. Those in search of this type of housing are international entrepreneurs, young workers between 20 and 35 years old without children, international students or nationals far from home, and young entrepreneurs.

This blog post will dive deeper into the current landscape of coliving in Portugal that presents a promising future for shared housing and coliving communities.

At the recent “Portugal Coliving Outlook 2021: Accelerating out of Crisis” event, held by B-Hive Living, in partnership with Co-Liv, APPII, FREL and SALTO Systems, practitioners argued that the adaptation of work-from-home conditions could thrive and bring a new “wave” of remote workers and digital nomads to Portugal once travel restrictions are eased. According to B-Hive Living, “the new demand is to experience Portuguese life authentically, away from the traditionally tourist areas.”

B-Hive Living points out that, despite the pandemic and the migration of many property owners to the long-term rental market in 2020 in Lisbon and Porto, rental prices are expected to remain stable this year, and the stock of large old apartments in Lisbon could represent a substantial opportunity for coliving companies in 2021. If high prices have so far been an impediment to the coliving projects created from scratch, taking advantage of these types of assets can be an opportunity.

According to André Sousa, Coliving Account Manager at SALTO Systems Portugal, despite the big investments plans to Portugal, coliving is still seen as a new market with a different concept. Nevertheless, the flow of people with an appetite for the coliving experience will increase more and more, as this type of housing is imposing itself throughout Europe as a lifestyle. Sousa is sure that foreign investment with the right expertise from the biggest players in the world will bring to the residents the experiences they were looking for and so, certainly, will attract foreign residents to this wonderful country.

André Sousa also suggests that in this current environment and with the emergence of new coliving projects, the requirement of operators to harness new skills, including safety, hygiene, welfare and convenience, will continue to grow.

In response to these types of demands, SALTO KS offers a cloud-based access control solution, in which users can receive digital keys or open doors from anywhere and anytime, making issuing and receiving access rights much easier and more flexible. In addition, this type of system allows them to work together with other technologies or third-party apps, maximising potential and integrating with complementary services.

All in all, this enables a safer, more convenient and technologically appealing stay for the tenant, especially one that is able to meet all the new needs and standards accelerated by the global pandemic.

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