Posted on 23rd of June, 2020

Spotlight on a Dealer: Hasler + Co

Our Spotlight on a Dealer series gives us the opportunity to visit the installation companies who make it possible to attain SALTO KS solutions around the globe. This has led to insightful interviews about the advantages and challenges of selling cloud-based access control products and remains a great way for us to rediscover the solutions from many different perspectives.

This edition of Spotlight on a Dealer completes a 3-part series in which we travelled through Switzerland to visit 3 installation companies with one thing in common: SALTO Systems and SALTO KS smart lock and security services. The first stop from our trip was Quincaillerie du Léman, followed by Zaugg Schliesstechnik AG.

Now we present to you: Hasler + Co, with 8 locations in different parts of Switzerland. Hasler’s extended name Hasler, Die Zutrittssexperten translates to Hasler, The access experts. In this blog post, we met with Sales Manager Célien Jeandupeux, who shared with us how Hasler came to be experts in selling cloud-based solutions and their opinion on the market, product, and services in access control today.

Read on to find out more about Hasler in this Spotlight on a Dealer!

How was Hasler founded?

Hasler was founded more than 160 years ago in Winterthur, Switzerland and quickly became an important player in the hardware trade, tools, and door security.

In 2004, a Hasler department dedicated specifically to access control in French-speaking Switzerland was created.

Today, about 40 employees, out of 240 employed by the group, are actively consulting, installing and maintaining door locking systems.

How did you come across SALTO KS?

We are one of the first Swiss partners to actively offer SALTO Systems, which naturally progressed into putting our energy and resources into offering the SALTO KS product range when SALTO Switzerland presented it to us.

What made you decide to become a SALTO KS dealer?

SALTO KS is a necessary current product with technology that cannot be ignored. It is essential to include it in our range in order to complete our standard SALTO offer. The promotion of a cloud-based product also allows us to provide our customers with a modern solution that meets a lot of demands.

Furthermore, the ease of commissioning a KS installation also played a role in the decision-making process to become a SALTO KS dealer.

What were some of the challenges Hasler faced during its early days?

It proves to be difficult, as an installer, to work with a product with which we lack reference points and habits. With KS, the simplified platform quickly allowed us to be autonomous and secure.

It is also valuable when we’re put in front of the customer, and are able to show them our mastery of the subject so that we can instil full confidence into our clients.

How do the sales of SALTO KS and other cloud solutions compare to your other non-cloud solution sales for access control?

In some cases, the potential customer has no IT infrastructure or one of poor quality. This is where KS comes in and allows us, easily and without installation on a server, to quickly set up a database accessible worldwide thanks to a secure login.

In terms of security, as the doors are constantly in communication with the software, deleted or expired badges are immediately prohibited. Some customers appreciate being able to check the status of their door online and even open it remotely.

Opening doors via the smartphone, without distributing physical media, such as keys, is also a feature which instantly captures the attention of the customer.

How do you see the market evolving in Switzerland for access control systems?

The Swiss access control market is evolving in the direction of Cloud Computing. Interface and communication requests between different systems are on everyone's lips and in all consulting and sales talks of the moment.

The managers of today want to simplify the general management of their companies and multiply the data exchanges between different applications. With the SALTO KS APIs, we are already in the race and are therefore becoming a recognized player on the Swiss market.

We are a winning team between SALTO KS and Hasler, now and in the future! Solid.

What feature impresses you the most about SALTO KS?

A highly appreciated function is to be able to easily check the opening or closing state of the door. A quick check in the KS application and the customer feels reassured that all his doors are properly closed.

It is a simple and effective solution!

What is a fun fact about Hasler?

Often, companies or public authorities call us for a locking system based on mechanical cylinders for cost reasons. We then present them with strong arguments and the conviction that an electronic system is feasible and affordable, even for a small project. Ultimately, the client tells us about his satisfaction and the relevance of the decision.

Customers are surprised to meet us on all new projects and to have contact with competent employees. This proves our dynamism and motivation. The loyalty of the entire team reinforces this positive image.

Who are Hasler’s main clients?

We have installed SALTO KS in the sites of individuals, small industries and companies. Currently, we are equipped in a retail chain that is located throughout French-speaking Switzerland. This customer has truly understood the advantages of the Cloud!

How do your customers feel about using SALTO KS over other locking solutions?

KS customers are adept at new technologies in general. When we install SALTO KS in their homes, they are excited to be able to take control of their doors and be able to change settings and access rights from anywhere in the world and even on the move.

It underlines the simplicity of the interface as well as the robustness of the electronic fittings and equipment in general.

Together, Hasler with SALTO KS, we deliver a level of quality that is difficult to match or compete with.

We would like to lend a special thank you to Hasler’s Sales Manager Célien Jeandupeux for this interview, and photographer Vincent King for these images taken on site.

For more information, click here. Contact Hasler on Linkedin or get in touch directly at one of their 8 locations in Switzerland.

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