Adding and activating an IQ

First you have to add your IQ to your site to use it. After that you can activate your IQ.

Activating the IQ is the process of exchanging two pieces of information between the end user and the IQ, a PIN and a secret. With these pieces of information the end user can generate a One Time Password (OTP). This OTP allows for a second factor of authentication for important actions on API endpoints, such as remote openings and adding and removing locks. Activation happens per IQ, so if you have multiple IQ's, they all need to be activated. An OTP is build up from three parts: The current UTC date/time (format: YYYYmmDDHHMMSS), the secret and the PIN code. The first 5 digits of the MD5 hash of these 3 parts concatenated together is an OTP. An OTP has a validity of 3 minutes, allowing for some delays and errors in device time.

1.Adding an IQ

A. In order to set up a lock you first need to attach an IQ to your site.

B. Create a POST request to {{url}}/v1.1/sites/{site_id}/iqs. Replace the {site_id} with the id of the site you just created. In the body of the POST request you should add three variables: customer_reference, time_zone and activation_code. The customer reference is a string that describes the IQ for easy recognition. The time zone is the time zone that the IQ is in, so the events are timestamped correctly. The activation code is the code that can be found on the IQ.

C. When you hit send you should get a 200-OK response and a response containing the id of the IQ and other information. The purple LED on the IQ should turn off.

2.Activatate IQ

A. Acivate IQ through mobile app (Generating OTP)


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