Setting up a site

In SALTO KS all information, users and hardware are grouped in sites. A site usually refers to a physical location of your installation. For instance a single house or office building.

The first thing you need to do to get started using the Connect API is to set up a site. You can either do this using the SALTO KS website or using API calls

1.Making an API request

A. Create a GET request to {{url}}/v1.1/sites. In the header section add the Authorization key with as value Bearer {{at}}. This will add the token obtained previously to your request automatically. This Authorization key should be present in all requests you do to the API.

B. The request will return an empty array of sites. This is because you don't have any sites just yet.

2.Creating a site

A. To create a site make a POST request to {{url}}/v1.1/sites. In the headers you have to send your access token (same as step 1) and in the body of the request you have to send the three parameters of a site. This needs to be JSON formatted, see picture above.

B. In the response your site ID will be returned, along with any relevant information for the site. If you run step 1 again GET v1/sites you should see the site you just created.


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