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Smart locks for


Streamline your operations and scale globally with KS.

Access management is different for every business. SALTO KS is your cloud-based access control solution whether you’re a retail bank, chain of department stores or a single brick-and-mortar store.

We serve many types of chains and have learned a lot about how you run your business. So let’s simplify your operations, connect to your existing software tools and grow your retail business!

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Not just features: solutions


Whether you’re a retail bank, chain of department stores or a single brick-and-mortar store, SALTO KS allows you to manage all your locations from a single app. The 24/7 activity feed will let you oversee all locations from wherever you are, so you can focus on doing what you love most!


For every company, staff member or guest, access can be determined down to the minute. Make sure people can only enter where and when they should - you have the freedom to decide!


With KS, you can keep track of who goes where and when. You can even set notifications for specific events, so you’re always up-to-date. Your space can be open for business 24/7.


Helping you improve

SALTO KS helps you find the best solution for your retail business. No matter the size, from specialist stores or convenience stores, which generally have long opening times, to shopping malls. It’s key to monitor access and entrances upholding the flow of customers through their store. KS makes access control simple and secure and helping you granting specified access for your staff, suppliers, customers or even delivery services.

Since we are not allowed to use the EDEKA IT infrastructure for third party applications, we were happy to find a cloud-based solution. The possibility to manage and monitor the system via laptop and smartphone brings us utmost independence.
Jan KruseEDEKA Durasin, Hameln


Tap and unlock with Mobile Keys

With SALTO Bluetooth Low Energy locks you can unlock doors with Mobile Keys.

All you need to do is activate Mobile Key in your KS app and tap your phone on the reader of the lock. Users can receive Mobile Keys anytime and anywhere, making issuing and receiving access rights much easier and more flexible.


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