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Here at SALTO KS, there are no measly ‘’staff’ or ‘’employees’’ or ‘’workers’’. Here, there are only Bricks. Bricks are durable, strong, and when they’re together, they’re unbreakable! That is precisely the vision our founders had for this company. They wanted their Bricks to be knowledgeable and experienced, and for each Brick to bring something new to the table. The Bricks’ motto: work hard, play hard.

Feature teams: At SALTO KS, we have four interconnected feature teams. These are the CORE team, CONNECT team, LARRY team, and ACA team. You will hear all about what these teams have been doing at the Sprint Review meetings.

Sprint review: A company wide meeting that takes place every other Friday and is hosted by our product manager, Cem A. Here, the developers get the chance to inform the rest of the SALTO KS team what they have been working on for the past two weeks and explain what the plan is for the next two weeks.


Cloud-based access control system

To put it simply, it is a fancy term for wireless electronic locks. In SALTO KS terms it’s so much more! Business owners, property managers or admins can control the access levels of their members so that complete strangers are not able venture freely into your private property, and the respective rooms within it. They can even open doors remotely or send a single-use ‘’key’’ to an individual who requires only temporary access. The fact that it’s cloud-based means that the system is not stored on local servers, but on the internet instead.


Coliving is a type of housing situation that is becoming increasingly popular. One coliving facility can host anywhere from four non-related individuals to several hundred. It’s usually designed in a way where each tenant has his or her private bedroom while sharing the rest of the house with the other ‘colivers’. However, coliving isn’t just about paying less money for electricity or sharing furniture. Coliving is about making strong social ties, living in a close community, and having meaningful experiences with housemates or fellow colivers. Many coliving spaces are coworking spaces as well, so the housemates can also help each other grow professionally.


There are all kinds of coworking facilities all over the world! Coworking is basically a shared office space for entrepreneurs, independent workers, freelancers, businesses or all of the above. They often provide equipment or services for the worker or business at a more affordable rate than regular workspace renting, and also provide opportunities to network with others! Entrepreneurs often rent access to the space on a monthly basis, but the shared workspaces are fundamentally built on flexibility so they can suit virtually any business needs.

Event log

Opening a door with a Tag, Digital Key, or PIN, remote openings, and rejected access are all examples of Events that the Site Admin can view in his event log. His event log will also show intrusion attempts, doors left open, or simply when a lock has a low battery.


We at SALTO KS pride ourselves on being flexible, which is where Integrations comes in. Our clients and partners can integrate our system into their preferred software, or integrate other solutions with our smart locks. This has the potential to combine key solutions into a single platform to enable virtually any need you and your space might require.


No, we’re not talking about the intelligence measurement here. In SALTO terms, the IQ is the central hub of the particular Site. It receives all changes and settings from the SALTO KS application and ensures that all locks are updated within seconds. The IQ therefore serves as the brain of your site, connects your wireless locks to the cloud and can be extended by adding additional repeaters if needed.


Larry is our maintenance guy in the form of a Support tool. Our KS Core clients get access to Larry, but we (SALTO KS) have the access as well. Larry has a split personality: Larry C(commissioning) and Larry S(support). Larry C manages hardware, such as installments, connecting new locks to IQs or new tags to locks. Larry S shows the status of the Site in question. He shows events, manages subscriptions, and provides all kinds of support. Larry only talks to trained support staff.


SALTO locks can go on any door in the world, regardless of the strangeness of the door! There are three types of SALTO locks! The first is XS4 Electronic Escutcheons which can be thought of as the standard lock. It fits most doors, even ones with narrow frames. The next is the XS4 Geo Cylinder, used for doors where it’s impossible to fit the other one. It goes right where the keyhole usually is on regular doors. Last but not least, we have the XS4 Wall Reader. The name is very descriptive, as it is fitted on a wall instead of the door itself. Used for sliding doors and electronic gates, for example.

Digital key

The key that lives within your smartphone. Just activate it in the KS app, or use the SALTO KS Widget, and tap your phone to the lock! There you have it, you have just unlocked a door with your smartphone.

KS Connect

If the out-of-the-box isn’t enough for a client, then we recommend KS Connect. This allows our clients to integrate our product with tools the client already has! We give you all the tools and support you need to integrate cloud-based smart locks to your existing business and product portfolio. These could be alarm or intercom companies, video surveillance, management tools, and more. We have two stable services we offer (which you can read all about under KS Services), and lots and lots of KS Connect partners!

KS Core

KS Core provides our clients with the opportunity to use our APIs to build their own access control solution! Not anyone can get KS Core though, it’s an elite club. The client has to have a skilled development team as well as a large customer base and a global presence. KS Core allows our clients to preserve their brand identity, host their own user data, and customize to their hearts’ delight!

KS Custom

KS Custom is perfect for clients who want to preserve their brand identity, but don’t have the capacity or resources to build their own access control solution! In technical terms, the client gets our hardware and app, but gets to have his or her own front end. In simpler terms, it’s basically the SALTO KS product, with another brand’s name on it, complete with customized branding.

KS Services

We have two KS Service integration partners for our SALTO KS customers. The first is Eagle Eye, a video surveillance system that fits brilliantly with our product. Let’s say that a Site administrator gets a notification that a door in one of his buildings has just been opened, but it’s after hours and he’s not expecting anyone to be there. Instead of racing down to his building armed with a baseball bat, he can simply open his SALTO KS app, go to the event tab, and click on the event. The Eagle Eye integration shows a 30-second video clip of the event, starting 5 seconds before the door was opened. The other trusty KS Services partner is Comelit, a specialist in intercom systems. How do smart locks and intercoms work together, you ask? Easy. When a guest is at your door, you will get the call to your smartphone, tablet, or whichever device you favour and easily unlock your door from your SALTO KS app. If your intercom is equipped with a camera, you can even see who’s at the door, and decide if you’d like to let them in.


The SALTO KS PIN locks make Tags and mechanical keys obsolete! Just enter the pin code on the keypad to unlock, easy! Site admins can also generate and assign a secure and authentic single-use pin code to guests to grant temporary access. This keyless entry provides a high level of enhanced security as well as convenience.


Pod is a relatively new feature! It allows building managers to create small groups (Pods) of tenants. This allows the Pod members to invite guests over during a certain time frame. The purpose of this is to delegate a few of the building manager’s responsibilities to his or her tenants, as well as giving tenants the freedom of managing their own space. A Pod can be a floor within a building such as an apartment or an office that’s managed by its Pod members (tenants).

Office mode

How annoying would it be to unlock the same door at your workplace ten times a day? Answer: very annoying. Office mode is the state a lock is in, when it is permanently unlocked. This allows anyone to enter the lock without a SALTO KS tag. That’s why Site admins can implement an Office mode, where during a certain time of the day, people can open a door without presenting a Tag or a Digital key. They can do this in two ways: Easy Office mode (EOM) and Manual Office Mode, where they choose certain hours where the door is unlocked.

Easy Office Mode

In Easy Office Mode mode (EOM), the lock stays unlocked, but now it is combined with a set schedule. This schedule allows for selected people to put it in Office Mode, at selected times, using their Tag. During the time the schedule is active, presenting a Tag will put a lock either in or out of Office Mode. Outside the schedule, presenting the Tag will result in a regular, temporary Tag-opening. When a lock is in Easy Office Mode and the timeframe ends, it will lock itself automatically. This feature is useful for granting easy access, requiring no remote action to set the lock in Office Mode.

Manual Office Mode

Manual Office Mode (MOM) offers the ability to (dis)engage Office Mode on an escutcheon by simply presenting a valid SALTO KS Tag while holding the inside handle on RFnet locks, or by presenting the tag for more than 5 seconds on a BLUEnet lock. Any type of lock can also be put in Manual Office Mode via the Web or Mobile App. A person with Manual Office Mode rights can manually engage Manual Office Mode on every lock in a Site according to the access groups this person is in. The lock will stay in Office Mode until a User with the right role/permissions locks it again.

Offline access

Allows users to open a door even when the IQ is online or disconnected. Very handy if someone accidentally shuts the power off! However, a user must be assigned the rights to offline access.

Remote opening

Used by admins to open doors remotely. Perfect for when you’re stuck in traffic but your guest or maintenance guy has arrived at your door!


It’s used when the signal from the IQ can’t reach particular locks. Think of a repeater as an invisible extension cord!

SALTO KS (Keys as a Service)

SALTO KS is our out-of-the-box product, the users get our hardware and our solution, with the SALTO KS app. This is the ‘’standard’’ solution, and where it all started.


Although a smartphone is often used to open the SALTO locks, a Tag can also be used. It is a mechanical fob/tag that can be attached to one’s keychain and is pressed against the SALTO lock to open the door.

Think Tanks

Think Tank partners are people or organizations that we often collaborate with on our blog! What they have in common is that they all provide expert information or opinions on topics that matter to us, such as Coliving, Coworking, and experience design.

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