Code and PIN

What is Code?

The Code is a specific security feature of SALTO KS: A 5 character encrypted code, comparable to what most online banking applications use.

The encryption is unique and only known and shared between your App and your IQ. It is not stored in the Cloud or anywhere else. Since it’s your app and your IQ only you have the control over these critical features.

  • The Code is ONLY used to perform remote openings/Office Mode from the Web app.

  • The Code is NOT needed to perform remote openings/Office Mode from Mobile apps (this is what the PIN is for).

How do I generate a Code?

Make sure you have activated your IQ. The Code is generated when you enter your individual and self-chosen PIN in the mobile app. The mobile app encypts the PIN for a specific IQ and only that SALTO KS IQ holds the right key to recalculate that into your PIN.

A Code is only valid for a restricted short period of time which puts another layer of security on top of the Code technology. You just have to click on ‘Generate a Code’, and it will be displayed on your screen.

I have forgotten my PIN, what should I do?

If you are a Site User, Site Super User or Site Admin you can ask the Site Owner to reset your PIN. Owners that have lost their PIN need to reset the IQ, which will require all users to re-activate that IQ in their app. The owner goes to ‘Site > Rights’ in the web app and selects ‘Reset PIN’ behind your name. In a drop-down the IQ for which the PIN needs to be reset needs to be selected. SALTO KS will ask for the Code of the owner for that specific IQ. After entering the Code, the PIN for that IQ of the selected User has been reset.

Next time the User opens the App the IQ will show as not activated. SALTO KS will send the random selected PIN again and the User can change the PIN again. If you use the same PIN for multiple IQs, you will have to do this for all IQs For this User.

In case the owner has forgotten the PIN, the relevant IQ needs to be reset by pressing the reset button behind the front cover of the IQ until the LED shows a Red-Green-Blue cycle. This has two consequences:

  • All App users for that specific IQ need to re-activate that IQ in their App as if it was their first activation.

  • The owner needs to reconfirm the SALTO KS configuration. Go to ‘Site > Hardware’ and follow the restore instructions for that specific IQ.

Duplicate the app on a second device

If required, it is possible to activate the app on a second mobile device, whether this is a (replacement) smartphone or a tablet.

How can I duplicate the app on a second mobile device?

Imagine that you have logged in to the app on a smartphone and you also have a tablet on which you want to activate the same app.

  • Go over to the IQ menu on the second device. The IQ activation process is different in this case.

  • Select the activate button and a screen will then appear asking you to enter a Code that must be generated on the first device.

  • Go to the first device, click on the IQ menu and click on the same IQ .

  • Select the option ‘Generate Code’ and enter the 4-digit PIN in order to send the request.

  • Then, right away, enter the Code on the second device. Verify that the IQ in question has been activated.

For more information on how to use the mobile app on your phone or tablet, please refer to the mobile app manual.

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