Configuring an IQ

Both IQ’s (1.0 & 2.0) need to be activated within the SALTO KS web app before adding the IQ to the Site. The IQ 2.0 can connect to the internet in more than one way, instead of just the 2G-connection that IQ 1.0 offers. These connection interfaces can be configured and ordered from the SALTO KS web application, before adding the IQ to a site via the web-app.

Before configuring a new IQ, make sure:

  • To have the front cover removed from the IQ

  • You have the latest version of the SALTO KS mobile app installed on your smartphone (iOS or Android)

  • Internet connection(s) are available (wifi online, ethernet cable/M2M stick plugged in)

  • The location of the IQ can receive the preferred wifi signal: Test this by connecting to the wifi network from where the IQ is mounted.

  • Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone

1. Launch the SALTO KS mobile app and go to the IQ tab. On top of the screen tap ‘Configure new IQ’

2. In the first screen, you are introduced to the configuration flow. Tap ‘Start’ to begin.

3. The camera is activated, now scan the barcode on the inside of the IQ. Optionally the activation code can also be entered manually. When the barcode/activation code is verified, the next step automatically appears

4. Press the reset button of the IQ for two seconds with a thin object such as a paperclip. This triggers the connection between IQ and mobile device. The reset button is placed on the inside of the IQ. When the LED is solid green, a successful connection has been established. Be aware! Pressing rest for too long will result in a reset of the IQ, making the LED blink red-green-blue.

5. When the IQ and smartphone are connected, the connections screen is presented. The connection type on top is always the preferred connection, others are fallbacks. The order of connections can be switched by dragging the three bars on the left. The status of the connections are displayed in realtime.

6. The wifi has to be configured manually, by default the status is ‘unconfigured’. Start by tapping the connection type in the list. In the following screen, a list of available networks is presented. Select the network to connect to, or ‘Add manually’ if the SSID is hidden.

7. Enter the password of the selected network.

8. After establishing a successful connection the connection screen will show again. When all settings are as preferred, tap ‘Done’.

9. A screen appears notifying the IQ is now connected to the internet. Tap ‘Got it’. Continue on to add the IQ to the site.

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