Enable an additional device

In some cases, an app user may have an additional device that will also be using SALTO KS. Then the initial device must be used to verify the new one. Take the following steps to enable an additional device:

1. Log in on the new device and go to the IQs tab, and tap the IQ you want to activate. It could be that you’re prompted to do this directly as well.

2. Tap ‘Activate’ and a screen will then appear, asking you to enter a Code that must be generated on the initial device.

3. On the initial device, go to the IQ tab and select the IQ in question.

4. First, go to the IQ tab and tap an already activated IQ.

5. In the IQ detail screen you have three options, tap ‘GET CODE’.

6. Enter your PIN, or verify with TouchID/FaceID.

7. A unique code will be generated for this IQ. The code will be valid for three minutes (as a security measure).

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