Enabling Digital Key

Besides unlocking with a tag or remotely, SALTO KS offers Digital Key. This enables your device to unlock a lock via Bluetooth. In a sense, your phone transmits the digital counterpart of a Tag. For Digital Key, your site is required to have updated IQs, as well as BLE-enabled locks*. Once you have this, your app will enable itself automatically.

* SALTO BLE locks that support Digital Key: XS4 Original, XS4 One, XS4 Mini, XS4 Wall reader, XS4 Keypad, XS4 Wall reader with keypad.

1. Upon launching the app, it will know your hardware is able to use Digital Key. You will see this screen indicating your device is being activated.

2. After a few seconds your device is activated. Tap ‘Continue’.

3. You will be taken through a threestep walkthrough, showing how to use Digital Key.

4. Then you will return to the app, now showing the Digital Key button.

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