A great benefit of having cloud-connected locks, is the ability to monitor access. In both the mobile- and web-application, you are able to see who accessed which lock, at what time. The web-application allows you to further filter this overview and it has a very useful CSV file export-functionality. The Events are divided in two groups: Entries and incidents.

Filter Entries & incidents

On either Entries or Incidents, you can search, filter and/or sort each column. Below the column title you can see what options you have. Upon changing any of these parameters, the table will automatically update itself.

Export Entries & incidents

For both pages it is possible to run an CSV file as well. By default the button to do so is greyed out - for a period no longer than a month must first be selected. To do this, click below the right column that says ‘date/period’. When clicking, a block appears with a calendar, allowing to select a specific date. After selecting a start- and enddate, the table will update itself - and if the period is shorter than a month the option to export becomes available.

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