KS Services: Comelit


  • Connecting Comelit system manually or with a MUG file sent through email.

  • IP address, port number, and an activation code is needed to configure manually.

  • To configure with a MUG file, building manager needs to send an email attached with it. Opening MUG file through the device will automatically open KS app.

  • Select which KS site you’d like to connect with Comelit intercoms.

  • After completing the activation, all connected Comelit intercoms will be listed. Here, the attached intercoms can be disconnected, but it cannot be reconnected by the same MUG file or activation code.

  • When a guest calls through your Comelit intercom, a regular call is received on your phone. You can either be answer or reject. (allow access to the microphone before answering a call).

  • Answering a call will enable muting the guest, let the guest , or view live video feed depending on the type of intercom.

  • Let guests in anytime, anywhere

*When the Pod functionality is used the activation process works seamless. No need for a MUG file or activation code

How to activate in the KS app:

1. Open Salto KS mobile app. Go to the Profile tab and select ‘KS services’.

2. Select Comelit

3. Tap on ‘Connect now’

4. Here, you have two options to connect your Comelit system in KS; manually or with a MUG file.

5. To connect manually enter IP address, port, activation code, and KS site

6. Select Activate

7. To connect with a MUG file, open the email on your device, and tap on attached .MUG file.

8. Press ‘Proceed’ to activate your device with selected site.

Comelit: What does it allow:

1. After successful activation of your device, your connected Comelit intercoms is listed.

2. You can receive calls from your Comelit system.

3. Answering the call will allow you to let your guest in directly or.

4. First view live video feed (depending on the type of your intercom) and then let your guest in.

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