KS Services: Eagle Eye Networks


  • User need to login with their Eagle Eye credentials to link an Eagle Eye account to SALTO KS (All Eagle Eye Cloud VMS accounts are supported)

  • In order to avoid the user to log in each time ‘keep me logged in’ functionality added. To link EE account with KS, security code is sent to email address & phone number registered in Eagle Eye account.

  • After completing the activation, all locks within the site will be listed. Here user can change site and add & remove cameras to a lock.

  • Multiple cameras can be added to a lock, and one camera can be added to multiple locks. Now the user can use the functionalities of EE in KS. An icon will appear on left corner of the lock detail page. Here, user can view live video feed and manage EE cameras.

  • When an event triggered with the lock attached to an EE camera, the icon will appear next to the event, and here past recording can be viewed.

How to activate in the KS App:

1. Open Salto KS mobile app. Go to the Profile tab and select ‘KS services’.

2. Select Eagle Eye Networks

3. Tap on ‘Connect now’

4. Enter your Eagle Eye credentials to login.

5. You need to verify your Eagle Eye account with a Security Code either sent to your mail or your registered phone number.

6. Enter the Security Code.

Adding camera’s to locks

1. If a camera is connected to the lock, an icon will appear on the left corner

2. Here, you can see live video feeds and manage cameras.

3. Tap on ‘Show live feed’ to get live camera feed connected to the lock. Here you can give lock/unlock or enable office mode.

View past recordings triggered by an event

1. Go to Events tab and tab on the icon

2. You can view 30 seconds of recording in total: Starting 5 seconds before the event and 25 after.

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