One of the main benefits of having cloud-connected locks, is the ability to control it’s behaviour.

Office Mode & Locking

The SALTO KS web app allows you to change the status of a lock remotely - which may involve the use of your Mobile App. Here is how to put a lock in Office Mode, or Lock it remotely.

1. On the Locks tab, find the lock to change the role for.

2. Locking or enabling the office mode functionality can be managed right from the dashboard or lock overview page.

3. A window appears, asking you to enter a code for the IQ the lock is connected to. This is a security measure that makes it impossible for just anyone that is logged in to your account, to unlock doors’.

4. Launch the Mobile App, and go to the IQ tab.

5. Tap the IQ that is mentioned in the web app.

6. Tap ‘Get Code’.

7. Verify by entering your PIN, or by using TouchID/FaceID.

8. Enter the code that is displayed in the web app. Now the lock will be put in Office Mode.

Enabling Easy Office Mode

Easy Office Mode allows Users to automatically enable Office Mode when presenting a Tag. This mode is linked to a schedule, giving you control over when this mode can be started and (automatically) ends.

1. On the Locks tab, find the lock to change the role for.

2. A lock that is in Easy Office Mode, will display this status in the ‘Settings’ tab on the left, to enable Easy Office Mode click ‘Edit’

3. Determine the timeframe as it works best for you, click ‘Save.

4. Easy Office Mode is now enabled for this lock. Keep in mind that for this feature to work, the person must also have this lock option enabled. You can manage this in the People tab.

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