Notifications are a great way to make sure you’re instantly aware of important Events within your Site. These Events can be either entry-related (such as a blocked person trying to enter), or lock-related (for instance an empty battery). Entry-notifications can be created as you see fit, depending on the People and locks of your Site. Locknotifications show a set matrix with your locks and all possible incidents a lock can have.

*Only the Site Owner receives notifications, no matter which admin configured them.

Create entry notifications

1. On the Notifications tab, make sure Entry Notifications is active in the left menu.

2. Click ‘Set entry notification’, this will bring up a window that will start the wizard.

3. In the first step, set the notification name, what to be notified about and how to be notified. Choose to be notified for Rejections or Entries of your User. On how to be notified (app push message or email), select at least one option. Click ‘Next’.

4. Select the People that you want to be notified about. Click ‘Next’.

5. Select the locks you want to be notified about. Click ‘Next’.

6. Similar to Access Groups, select a timeframe. Click ‘Add’.

7. After seeing or adding more Timeframes to the overview, click ‘Save’. Your newly created notification will now be visible in the overview.

Create Lock Notifications

1. On the Notifications tab, make sure Entry Notifications is active in the left menu.

2. You will see a matrix of all incident types on top (intrusion alarm, door left open, etc.) and locks in the left column.

3. Directly below the incident types you have the option to enable/ disable how you want to be notified: via App or Email. Disabling both means you will not receive any notification - and therefore it can not be set per lock either.

4. To enable the selected notification type per lock, make sure to tick the checkboxes below. If you don’t want to be notified for a specific lock, leave the checkbox unticked. Any changes made will be saved automatically.

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