PIN forgotten: Reset User PIN

It could happen that a User has lost his/her PIN, and therefore is no longer able to perform Remote Openings with the Mobile App. As a security measure, the PIN for the IQ/User has to be reset from the Web App. If the User has forgotten multiple PINs, multiple resets have to be done.

1. This displays an overview of all People that have access to your Site. As you can see all app Users (second-to-last coumn) have the option to ‘reset PIN’. Click this option.

2. A window appears, where first an IQ must be selected. After selecting the IQ which PIN has to be reset, click ‘Next’.

3. From your Mobile App, now generate a Code for this IQ in order to confirm the action. After entering the code, click ‘Reset PIN’. Note that you have to be logged in with the same account as currently is used in the web app.

4. The PIN is now reset. When the person refreshes the IQs-tab on their mobile device, the IQ is displayed as not activated. Now the IQ can be re-activated, so that a new PIN can be entered.

*Above actions will not affect any other People than the person that had his/her PIN reset.

PIN forgotten: Reset User PIN

Resetting the PIN for a Site Owner follows a different process, and has bigger implications. It requires a physical action on the IQ(s), and means that other Users of the Site may also have to reactivate the IQ on their Mobile App.

Follow these steps:

  1. To reset the PIN for an IQ, locate the IQ in your (physical) Site.

  2. Reset the IQ, by pressing reset and holding the reset button using a thin object (such as a paperclip).

  3. Once the IQ starts blinking Red-Green-Blue, the IQ has been reset.

  4. Now launch the Mobile App and re-activate the IQ.

Keep in mind that any User that have access to locks connected to this IQ, will have to do the same thing.

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