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A Pod represents an individually manageable space inside a building and allows for very easy management of users that need to have all time full access to all relevant locks for that space and even delegation of visitor management.


A Pod represents an individually manageable space inside a building

Pod member

A Pod member represents a primary user of a Pod. In co-living environments these would be the tenants of an apartment. They have all-time full access to all Pod locks. Pod members are able to invite Pod guests, for which they can set more refined access rules.

Pod guests

Pod guests are users that are invited by Pod members to have (optionally) limited access to Pod locks.

Pod locks

Pod locks are the locks that Pod members need to have access to in order to be able to reach and enter the Pod.

Pod management

When you click the “POD” menu option at the top of the screen, an overview is shown of all Pods that have been created in the system. These could have been created manually using the “+ CREATE A NEW POD” option at the top of the screen and following the setup wizard, or through an integration with an external system like a Comelit intercom system in a building. When the wizard is followed, you will be forced to invite at least 1 Pod member and select the relevant Pod locks. When the Pods have been created using an integration, no locks or members will be existing from the start. They have to be set up manually. This process is described below.

The example site used in this manual has 2 Pods in it, named “Meeting Room 1” and “Meeting Room 2”. When hovering your mouse over the line for each Pod, an “EDIT” option is shown. We will manage Pod Meeting Room 2 in this case.

When choosing “EDIT”, the following screen is shown:

Managing pod locks

Let’s start by configuring the Pod locks. Click on “Locks” in the left-hand menu. The following screen will be shown:

Now, all locks that a user would need to have access to in order to reach and open “Meeting Room 2” need to be selected. In this example, a user would need to have access to locks “Front Door Bottom”, “Front Door Top”, “Front Gate” and obviously “Meeting Room 2”. Selecting them in the list (you can search if required) will reveal an option to add them to the Pod:

Clicking that will actually add them to the Pod.

Managing Pod members

Now it is time to start inviting the Pod members. Click on “Members” in the left-hand menu.

To add Pod members, click on “+ ADD NEW MEMBERS” at the top of the screen. The following dialog will be shown:

Fill in the appropriate details for the first Pod member. At least 1 Pod member will need to have an email address (which is needed to be able to log in using the mobile app and manage guests or receive intercom calls). For subsequent Pod members, which can be added by clicking on “+ ADD ANOTHER POD MEMBER”, this is not mandatory.

If all details have been filled in, press “NEXT”.

In this step, a tag can be selected for each Pod member. The tags shown in the (searchable) drop down are the unassigned tags in the site.

Once selected, press “NEXT”.

In this step, you can press “EDIT” behind the Pod member in the list to make any desired changes. If all is entered correctly, press “SAVE”. This will add these people to the Pod and send invites to all currently unregistered users to invite them to create a profile so they can log in using the SALTO KS mobile app.

Please note that for all Pod members that are added, access rules will be created that will allow them “always access” to all locks that are linked to the Pod the have been added to. No further action is required, so no access groups need to be created.

Recycling the pod

If the Pod is going to be managed by new Pod members and the current ones should be revoked access, for instance when a lease has expired and new tenants move in, the best way to handle this would be to use the “clean” function. This can be done by selecting the Pod, and clicking on “EDIT POD INFO” in the left hand menu.

The following dialog will be shown:

Here you can change the name of the Pod, increase or decrease the number of allowed guests, delete the Pod (not recommended) and Clean the Pod. 34

When you click on “CLEAN”, the following dialog will be shown:

The big advantage here is that the Pod itself (and this the possible intercom integration) and the linked locks will stay in-tact, but all members and guests will be removed from it. This will also revoke their access rules and intercom access.

Inviting a Pod guest

If you are a Pod member, you are able to invite guests into your Pod. This is done entirely from the KS mobile app. The first step is to open the app and go to the “people” tab. At the top of the list you will see a button:

On the next screen, you are asked to enter the name and email address of your guest. You will be prompted to give permission to access your address book. That will make it easier to invite someone you already have the details for in your phone. Please make sure to enter a first and last name in the Name field and a proper email address in the email field.

Next, you will need to specify what kind of access you want to give to your guest. Do you want to give the all-time full access to the same locks you can access in your Pod, select “Full access”. If you want to only allow them access during a limited timeframe or a limited set of locks, select “Limited access”.

Selecting “Full access” will allow you to complete the invite process immediately by pressing the button that appears at the bottom of the screen. If you select “Limited access”, you need to complete some extra steps.

For each door linked to the Pod, you need to specify if the guest should have access or not. This is done by clicking either the checkmark icon or the cross icon behind it. After that, you can press “Continue”, which will take you back to the previous screen. Next step is to specify the time restrictions that should apply. This is done by tapping on “Edit” behind “When?”.

You will have two options to choose from:

If you select “Always”, you don’t apply any time restrictions to the access for your guest. You can just select this option and press “Continue” at the bottom of your screen. If you do want to apply restrictions, select “Scheduled”. The options will be expanded in the same screen, so you need to scroll in order to specify them all.

You can specify a start date, end date, select the days of the week you want to give access on and specify a start and end time for each day.

When you have completed all settings to match your preference, press “Continue”. You will be redirected to the previous screen, where you can press the “Invite” button to actually invite your guest. He or she will receive an email asking them to complete their profile, so they can use is to log in using the SALTO KS app and start opening doors (within the restrictions you specified) using their Digital Key.

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