Primary mobile app actions

These are the most common actions of the mobile app.

1. Launch the mobile app on your device.

2. Enter your email address. The app will check what the next step is, as there are two possibillities.

3. Here the user can directly enter the password in the same screen

4. Alternatively, as shown here the user is referred to open the web browser to login.

5. Enter the password from the web browser and login to the app,

Activating the IQ

The IQ can be added via the web application before activating on the mobile app. Once that is done, launch the SALTO KS mobile app and follow below steps:

* This step is only required when the user has Remote Opening rights. When the user only uses Digital Key this step can be skipped

1. When logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to activate the IQ immediately.

2. In some scenarios, you will not be prompted. Then any not-activated IQ can be found in the IQ tab, and select they (grey) inactive IQ. Tap the ‘Activate’ button, and press ‘Ok’ and the flow will begin.

3. First, you receive an SMS with a 4 digit code. Enter the code.

4. You are now asked to enter a unique, PIN, which will be used for important actions from the app.

5. Repeat the PIN to confirm.

6. Next, decide if you want to store this PIN on your device. This saves the effort of typing in the pin, and enablesthe option to use TouchID or FaceID.

7. If you have saved your PIN, choose if you want to enable TouchID/FaceID

8. Now the IQ is activated, and you can perform remote openings or set locks in Office Mode. If there are more unactivated IQs, repeat the previous steps.

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