Remote opening / Office Mode

A SALTO lock can be unlocked in two ways: short and temporary, or long and continuous. A short ‘unlocking’ action is ideal for letting someone in from a distance. This unlocks the lock for about 5 seconds, providing temporary access. For longer, continuous access a lock can also be set in ‘Office Mode’. This unlocks the door for a longer period of time, depending on the type of Office Mode.

1. Open the mobile app and find the lock you want perform the action on. Next, select one of two ways to do so.

2. Either swipe the lock to the left or right for either of the actions.

3. Or, tap the lock and open the lockdetails. Here you can toggle between the two actions and tap the button to perform the action.

4. Upon selecting the action you will be asked to verify either by PIN, or TouchID/FaceID.

5. Upon successful verification the command to Remotely Unlock/Office mode will be sent to the IQ, which will communicate the action to the lock.

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