Within a SALTO KS Site, People can have different Roles. This is dependant on what you want individuals to be able to do within the Site, relative to other Users. This is a basic description of the four different roles within SALTO KS.

Site Owner

There is only one Site Owner for each Site. The SALTO KS account is registered in this person’s name. The Site Owner can create Site Admins, Super Users and Site Users. The Site Owner can also modify any information for persons (as long as they have a Tag profile) and for the account. Only the Site Owner is able to receive notifications for any change made.

Site Admin

This User has all the same rights as an Owner but cannot delete the Owner, or receive notifications. He can however, assign other Site Admins.

Site Super User

A Super User can view but not modify the details for the Owner or Site Admins. A Super User can however create other Super Users and new Site Users.

Site User

The most basic of roles, that will only use SALTO KS to unlock doors. These Users often don’t make use of the web app. Site Users are always People that simply need to be able to unlock a lock, nothing more


Within the SALTO KS application, two types of profiles are distinguished: Tag- and User-profiles. The biggest difference between the two, is who owns the personal data, and the ability to use the Mobile App. Which type of profile the User has, may depend on the role within a Site. A description of both types:

Tag profile

A User has a Tag-profile when he/she does not have an account, and is a Site User with a Tag. Because the User does not have an account, the person(s) managing the Site are in control of the User’s first- and last name. The only valid key for a User like this is a Tag - hence the ‘Tag-profile’. The Tag will always be ‘owned’ by the Site, even when the Tag is invited by another Site. The Site where the Tag was registered, is always in control of the Tag.

User profile

A User that does have his/her own account, has a User-profile. This means that the User him/herself is in control of first name, last name, email address and phone number. By default a person with a User-profile is able to log into the apps - and has varying options depending on the role. The fact that a User has a profile does not affect the access granted - it only allows for higher roles and use of the Mobile App.

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