This part of the web application will not be viSited too often, as it contains many technical options. But some of the options here will still be very much of use - either to manage things yourself, or to hand access over to your installer.

Register Tags to the Site

Over time you may need more Tags to give People access to your Site. Tags will always have to be registered to the Site, before you can assign them to someone. Registering Tags means that the Tags are part of your Site - and you have control over them.

1. On the Site tab, make sure Tags is active in the left menu.

2. Click ‘Add Tags’, this will bring up a window that will start the wizard.

3. In the first step, select a lock that is available to register the Tags. Click ‘Next’

4. In the next screen, you have two minutes to register the Tags that you have. Do this by presenting each one to the lock and waiting for the LED- and sound signal. A successfully added Tag will increase the number displayed.

5. Once done, click ‘Done’. If you were unable to register all Tags within the two minutes, simply repeat these steps.

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