Locks are what it’s all about for SALTO KS: They provide access to your employees, customers or guests. SALTO locks are connected to a repeater or IQ, so that they can check the user’s access and let them in, or not. In general, SALTO offers a multitude of lock types that will fit any door and any situation.


The Tag is the smallest component of the SALTO KS family while also being its most secure and attractive. It contains the most secure RFID chip on the market, meaning that the Tag ID cannot be duplicated under any circumstances.


The IQ is the ‘hub’ that communicates with all repeaters and locks, and the cloud. All remote commands and access groups are sent to the IQ, which sends the command to the lock. When a user presents a tag to a lock, the lock checks access with the IQ. The IQ is therefore considered as ‘the brain’ of the SALTO KS technology. There are two types of IQ:

IQ 1.0, which is connected to the cloud via 2G. This IQ must first be added via the web-app, and then activated on the mobile app.

To activate the IQ, see ‘activating the IQ (1.0)’.

IQ 2.0, which has multiple connection types (M2M stick, Ethernet and WiFi). This IQ can be configured to connect to the internet directly via the KS apps, but needs to be added to your site on the web-app and after that activated on the mobile app.

To configure the IQ, see ‘configuring the IQ (2.0)’.


The repeater allows the distance between the IQ and the electronic locks to be extended. Increasing the distance between them by up to 10 metres. By adding more Repeaters, a maximum distance of up to 40 metres can be achieved between the IQ and the electronic lock.

Digital Key

The virtual version of your physical Tag, enabling your phone to to unlock a SALTO lock. Using Bluetooth technology, your phone transmits a digital key directly to the lock.

Web app

The web application offers all the advantages of a modern cloud solution. Available via your webbrowser and optimized for bigger screens - giving you full control of your SALTO KS site. From this extended interface you can manage everything in detail such as people and their permissions, access and notifications. Go to app.saltoks.com

Mobile app

The mobile app, available for iOS and Android, lets you manage access on-the-go. Once all access is granted via the web-app, follow all events and perform remote openings from here.


A Pod is often used in Coliving spaces where an appartment (‘Pod’) for instance is used by multiple tenants. All tenants have all-time full access to all Pod locks. Pod members are able to invite Pod guests, for which they can set more refined access rules.

Pod member

A Pod represents an individually manageable space inside a building and allows for very easy management of users that need to have al time full access to all relevant locks for that space and even delegation of visitor management.

Pod guests

Pod guests are users that are invited by Pod members to have (optionally) limited access to Pod locks.

Pod locks

Pod locks are the locks that Pod members need to have access to in order to be able to reach and enter the Pod.

Office Mode/Manual Office Mode (MOM)*

Office Mode is the state a lock is in when it is permanently unlocked. This allows anyone to enter the lock without presenting a valid Tag and/or Digital Key.

With the multiple types of Office Mode available in SALTO KS, great security and flexibility can be offered for any site. ‘Regular’ Office mode (OM) is a continuous state of the lock being unlocked. The lock will stay in Office Mode until a user with the right role/permissions locks it again. Regular Office Mode can only be set remotely via the web- or mobile app.

Manual Office Mode (MOM) offers the ability to (dis)engage Office Mode on an escutcheon by simply presenting a valid SALTO KS Tag while holding the inside handle.

* These modes require settings per lock/user via the web-app.

Easy Office Mode (EOM)*

Also here the lock stays unlocked, but now it’s combined with a set schedule. This schedule allows for selected people to put it in Office Mode, at selected times, using their tag. During the time the schedule is active, presenting a tag will put a lock in- or out of Office Mode. Outside the schedule, presenting the tag will result in a regular, temporary tag-opening. When a lock is in Easy Office and the timeframe ends, it will lock itself automatically. This feature is useful for granting easy access, requiring no remote action to set a lock in Office Mode.

* These modes require settings per lock/user via the web-app.

The Code

The Code is a security feature of SALTO KS, comparable to those used for online banking. It is a string of 5 characters that is temporarily valid, and only shared by your mobile app and IQ. The code ensures control over critical IQ related features, such as:

  • Remote openings via the web-app

  • Putting locks in Office Mode via the web-app

  • Enabling an additional device for SALTO KS

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