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High level info of all tabs in the app.


If you have multiple sites (locations), this is an important functionality. By tapping the Site name in the top-left corner you get an overview of all your sites, allowing you to switch. All tabs as described below only display the contents for the selected site. This is similar on the web-interface.


The default opening screen of the web app is the dashboard. Here you see a summary of locks and Entries, and you have the option to quickly (un)lock a lock, or (un)block a person.


The people screen offers an overview of everyone that has access to the site. Similar to locks, a person can have two statuses: they either have access, or are blocked. By tapping on the appropriate button for a person you can (un)block them. When tapping the person you get an overview of the person’s events, and change settings like EOM, remote access, office mode and see all credentials assigned to a user.


The first screen of the mobile app is the locks-screen. Here you get an overview of all locks in the selected site, and their status, see recent events and change the EOM schedule. A lock is either unlocked or locked, and can also have an additional status such as a low battery.


This is one of the core functionalities of SALTO KS, as this is where access is granted. By creating so-called Access Groups, People can be given access to selected locks, on a specific timeframe(s). This allows per-minute precision of who goes where, at what time.


One of the greate features of cloud-connected locks, is that the Site Owner can be notified for any event you would like. In the notifications tabs, you can set these notifications: either for Entries (i.e. regular openings/rejections), or locks (i.e. low battery warning).


Here you monitor all events of your site, which are either entries, or incidents. By default all entries are shown, such as regular tag-openings and remote openings. By using the filter you can switch to incidents, displaying the status of a lock. Incidents are lock-related issues that require special attention, such as a low-battery.


This is the account- and hardware related tab of SALTO KS. Generic details can be found here, as well as information about your hardware. This tab will not be visible to all Users, and as an Owner you will not visit this tab too often either.

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