Why am I offline: is my IQ offline, is my lock offline?

Before panicking, make sure you investigate the following options when your site seems to be offline:

  1. IQ is offline due to power or network issue

  2. The lock is offline due to the connection issue with the IQ, or the IQ is offline

  3. The battery inside the lock is dead

Why would I reset my IQ?

The Site owner lost the pin or faced a problem and Salto Tech support see to reset the pin is the best solution.

Before decoupling the IQ from the Site.

How do I reset my IQ?

The reset would reset to defaults, the button should be pressed around 10s

After normal reset, the device will show RGB 3 times.

WARNING: Only take this step when a SALTO support employee has recommended this.

To reset an IQ, take a paperclip or similar object and press the reset button for a minimum of 10 seconds (and a maximum of 15 seconds) while it is plugged in.

While doing this, please take note of the fact that the rest process starts with a Red, Green, Blue blink of the IQ. After these (RGB) flashes wait for a maximum of 2 minutes to have the IQ reset all settings.

How do I check if it’s a hardware issue?

Check if there’s anything unusual about the hardware. For instance: does the door lock give a green light but it’s still not possible to operate the mechanism.

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